"A waist is a wonderful thing to mind"  -Dianne Gibson

I have always had a desire to see a woman celebrate her femininity. I like to make a woman feel glamorous, sexy and adventurous.Each one of my designs will beautify your wardrobe and will add a jolt of exuberance to your life.

Specializing in fashionable handmade corsets, steampunk clothing and designer wearable tech.bridal. Gibson Girl is recognized for it's luxuriance in custom corset designs. Wearing a corset is a state of mind and an extension of ones femininity with curves and structure creating the hourglass figure of a Gibson Girl.

Quality craftsmanship combined with the finest fabrics and accessories, along with your ideas and desires, I will create for you a timepiece that will compliment your wardrobe with luxury defined.

P : 250 485 7844

E: ggirl20088@gmail.com

F: DianneGibsonGirl

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